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>>> we're following the breaking news out of ukraine, escalating very tense situation unfolding, we're tracking some of the major developments in this situation. christianne amanpour is joining us once again from london, our chief international correspondent. when we see this situation, it reminds me of the battle days of the cold war, some are making comparisons to bosnia, kosovo and others. how concerned that this could really get out of control? >> reporter: i don't see any similarity at all to bosnia, kosovo and all the rest of it. it's very similar to the u.s. invading iraq, if you want to take the russian point of view, they didn't like that, nobody likes the idea of them invading ukraine. the international law states very clearly what the international law is a and here the british foreign secretary called on the need to respect ukraine's independence, and it's territorial integrity as well as it's sovereignty, this is the law of the international community, of which -- signed by back in 1994. so really intense diplomacy has to happen, and crimea is begging for russia to come
of the security council member states on the situation in the ukraine. all 14 members, 15 is russia, they stated that for the territorial integrity, they stated for the unity, they stated practically for the support. i count on this majority. but if the security council is really capable to deal with the situation like the ukraine has, in terms of security council reform, its effectiveness, the rapidness to react to stop the violence. i am referring to what the french leadership stated during the general assembly last september. to forget about the leaders when atrocities are standing before us. when the challenge to international peace is in front of us. well, this is my expectation, but also the expectation of the major general assembly supporters as well. i don't think that the respective country could pause itself about what they think about all of these atrocities. >> are you saying there is no way in which the current government of kiev would accept the idea of a referendum in crimea without outside impartial monitors to find out what the people of crimea want in the way of their governmen
on the situation in ukraine. the council members reviewed with concern the recent developments in the country. during the concern was expressed for the ukraine and the council agreed on the importance of restraint by all the actors in the ukraine. they called for inclusive political dollar -- dialogue acknowledging the diversity of ukrainian society. in my national capacity, we certainly have concern about the situation and the outbreak of violence in crimea and ukraine. we express our strong support for ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. we call on ukraine's partners -- foreign partners to abide by international law. during the discussions, we all reminded of the discussions to observe multilateral agreements. by all parties. also the ukraine and russian agreement of 1997. we reiterated the obligation of all member states to refrain in international relations from threats or the use of force against territorial integrity, a lyrical independence of any state in any manner with the purposes of the united nations. sorry, i have a cold. anybody that recognized the ac
in the ukraine and the dramatic fallout that's going on. this is a situation that's intention right now. we have just learned that secretary of state john kerry spoke with ukraine's acting president, all this, the latest in a series of dramatic events that have been unfolding, we have our correspondents around the world following all of the developme developments. elise, what's the latest we're hearing on the secretary of state john kerry, what is he doing. >> reporter: meeting with his a advisors, speaking with his advisors, wolf, he's in boston right now but we're told that he participated in this white house meeting of principals, the president's top national security advisors via videoconference, he also reached out to the ukrainian interim president, basically to show u.s. support for ukraine not only with russian troops entering the area, but also with this political upheaval that's going on for several months, culminating in the ousting of president yatsenyuk, right now the u.s. has to show support, even as it answers russian military moves, it can also show it's pressure on russia by rep
in in ukraine. so why continue to whip up the situation? and why some of our western colleagues, are they trying to spur on a continuation of this confrontation? why bring the people into the streets, the armed militants into the street? why these armed militants need to throw things at the police? molotov cock tails? why go after the police? one of the scoldings or one of the terrorists -- one of the criticism have been made against people, why are there -- there's no criticisms of people fighting for democracy. the people fighting for democracy there have been no criticism. so why do they exist if they're going to react to this type of manifestation? why should they exist? as a result of the development of the crisis in this way, an agreement was signed, 21st of fiction. and president yanukovych and the opposition signed it. in it there were the signatures of three foreign affairs ministers. minister of foreign affairs of germany, france and poland. it was a very important agreement that was reached. and at a later stage of the crisis, it gave an opportunity to get out of the crisis situation.
before getting worse. >> nick, thank you for joining us tonight. >> for now on the situation ukraine and russia's involvement in the crisis, i'm joined awilliam courtney, ambassador. also, joining us assistant professor of political science from baylor university. he wrote a book with former secretary of state rice. ambassad ambassador, what is russia trying to do? >> russia is testing the new government in kiev. i don't think russia wants to inprovide but they are dispatching troops in crimea. russia lost east ukraine. so russia is in a defensive posture in some respects and pushing and testing the kiev government just the way it did the georgian government in august 2008 before russia invaded georgia. >> you are from western eukrain and what do you think that the russians are doing? >> you have to rep the political situation, ukraine is one of the weakest moments in history. the country is essentially bankrupt. the government, the ex-president left, russia refused to recognize him as a leader. is a lot of reshuffling at the top in the armed forces and just recently, yesterday, the
that the situation in ukraine is perhaps approaching civil war. russian troops have been arriving by transport plane and by helicopter in the crimea region, many of them with their faces covered, wearing no insignia. if not an invasion, it certainly appears to be a russian military intervention in a neighboring country in a former part of the soviet union. nbc's bill neely has been watching it happen today. he is in the ukraine. bill, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. there is a russian war memorial behind me. russia's black sea fleet has been based here in crimea for 250 years, but none of it explains what russia has been up to today. there is no question, the russian armor and men have been on the move today, and maybe on the move tonight. a form of intervention? well, russia is admitting as much. it began in the dead of night, unknown gunmen surrounding the main airport in crimea. by day it was clear they were pro-russian and against any repeat here of ukraine's revolution. after the surprise on land came the shock in the air. russian helicopters, some gun ships flying over crimea,
into march? >> well, the ukraine situation obviously is something you got to keep an eye on. normally that kind of turmoil, i mean if you go back just to egypt and syria, they're obviously catastrophic for the countries that are involved in them but they usually don't have a kind of systemic risk to them unless there's military escalation. and i think that's why the news is so full of potential troop movements russians into the crimea. at this point i still think it's unlikely we go to military escalation but that's the thing that would make this a bigger problem. otherwise good equity returns, good risk on returns across the board. investors should look through the turmoil of short term and maybe political turmoil that may or may not actually impact investments and look at the fundamentals of stock prices, earnings and the economy. >> you seem to be painting a pretty positive picture for the rest of 2013. your first pick tonight is pfizer. why? >> well, i think it's a good emblem of one of our larger overweights which is health care. in general, actually, we are overweight those part
have a lot to get to tonight. the situation in ukraine's crimea region is very fluid this hour. it's also extremely dangerous. here's what we know. u.s. officials say they are seeing signs of troops moving in from russia. washington is talking with its allies in europe about the consequences. u.s. citizens should postpone all nonessential travel to ukraine. tonight we have extraordinary video that speaks to the growing crisis in crimea. this cell phone video shows what appears to be russian military helicopters flying over crimea towards the city of serm ferm, one of the areas seized by the government. al jazeera is committed to covering this story. our in-depth coverage starts at the center of the crisis. jennifer glasse has the story from sirm ferm closed to air traffic. earlier in the day, armed men came into that airport, and sevastopol, military airport. these men were in military uniforms, no insignia on them but heavily armed with military grade weapons and seemed very well organized and trained. as we saw, as night fell, the airport being closed in simferopol. the televisio
the president's national security team met today on the situation in ukraine. the white house continues to stands firmly against any military intervention by russia. our libby casey joins us live from washington with more on all of that, when are you are hearing today from washington, libby. >>> while president obama issued a warn to go russia yesterday saying that military intervention would have costs there has been no response from the white house today. now, as you mentioned, we have been told by a senior administration official that the defense team, the national security team met today to talk over what is happening in ukraine and discuss options. we don't have a sense yet of what they are thinking because this is all happening behind closed doors, we may get insight tomorrow morning when defense second chuck hagel makes his rounds on the sunday talk shows, he'll be on cbs "face the nation." watch to get insid insight ther. everybody though the white house is staying mum we are hearing from members of congress including remembe republican ofa senator john mccain he expressed deep
to turn back and land in another city. here is the explanation of the situation. this is how it started to move around the ukraine. i took the car into which you crime year -- krimear eventually. the intentions i had were real and by the new threats. they said even the youngest grandchild was put on the blacklists. my eldest son went to the kindergarten and preschool and took him away. he said i cannot risk the lives of my family. that is what the situation was like. >> keep your cool. i would like someone from the bench to speak now. the gentleman in the black jacket. >> could you speak on the current situation in krimea. i represent to the moscow. what do you think is going to happen in crimea in the near future? >> i am here now. a friend of mine lives near the this city. i came to find a temporary refuge here for a wild. as for crimea, everything that is happening in crimea today is a natural breeze wants to the regime change that took place this year. the power that was done by radical mobsters. if you compare them to the 45 million population of ukraine. crimeans do not want to ob
the situation in the ukraine. where does this leave europe in the situation? >> a very difficult situation. they want to help negotiate and de-escalate. but there is a clear position here. the territorial integrity of the ukraine is important. they cannot allow that to be touched. they also said, for example, the british ministers said they condemned the russian decision. they took a very clear situation. it puts them in a difficult situation. there is an emergency meeting. they now have to be credible. it is a little bit hard to decide what they do now. will it be sanctions? will they reconsider the energy relations with russia? it is a difficult situation europe is in now. >> it seems they are intent on keeping the diplomatic channels open. but will a diplomatic solution work? >> they hope it will. this is the most severe crisis since the cold war. there are still a lot of diplomatic channels. there is soviet interdependence. there are some money channels, they have traditionally, the g-8, nato, and others. there are established connections. and the head of state is in contact with the l
will be speaking with president vladimir putin of russia shortly about the situation in ukraine, end quote. let me say in closing, at this crucial moment it is important to recall the mission of this organization, to always search for peaceful settlements of dispute. this is the essence of the u.n charter and shall serve as our primary guide in this situation. now is the time for cool heads to prevail. thank you. >> [speaking french]. >> distinguished members of the council, council, deputy, secretary general, excellen cry es, thank you to agreeing to this meeting on such short notice. thank you for your comments and thank you for presenting us the statement of the secretary general which is very promising. what i am going to state now was sent to all the nations this afternoon including the recent information ordered while the developments in the ukraine and mostly in crimea. the situation continues to deteriorate. as i told you yesterday the russian troops had illegally entered the terry tore -- territory and the biggest reason the russian speaking population of ukraine. a few hours ago the uppe
the breaking news out of ukraine, escalating very tense situation unfolding, we're tracking some of the major developments in this situation. christianne amanpour is joining us once again from london, our chief international correspondent. when we see this situation, it reminds me of the battle days of the cold war, some are making comparisons to bosnia, kosovo and others. how concerned that this could really get out of control? >> reporter: i don't see any similarity at all to bosnia, kosovo and all the rest of it. it's very similar to the u.s. invading iraq, if you want to tahe
right now. the u.n. security council holding emergency talks on the situation in ukraine today. comes after the russian parliament approved military action in ukraine. russia reporting also that russian parliament wants president putin to recall russia's ambassador to the u.s. >>> we are going to go back to elise labott at the pentagon. tell us, the u.n., nato, what can they do about this? >> there is very little the u.n. can do, because as you know, russia has a veto, as a permanent member on the u.n. security council so it's really a forum where they can discuss these issues and again, put a little bit of diplomatic pressure condemnation on the russians but in terms of actually having any effect, it's really unclear. it looks like between the u.s. and the europeans, that's where the center of diplomatic activity will be. as far as nato is concerned, it doesn't look like nato is talking about any type of intervention. i haven't heard anything of that sort. but there has been an interesting relationship with ukraine over the last several years. ukraine wants obviously to be part of na
dangerous situation right now in ukraine. it's pre-war situation. invasion of russian military forces to ukrainian territory. >> we'd like to bring attention that's really important in this really urgent issue and ukraine, russia is behaving very, very aggressively. >> it's scary. >> his message, keep the demonstrations doing. >> they are doing a tremendous job. they are raisin raising the pros and the wars around the world. we have more than 20 millions people around. and they will protest, on the squares around the world, asking the governments to raise their voice, and to protect ukraine. >> there weren't a lot of protesters outside the u.n. are it was a freezing day in new york and this demonstration was put together at the last minute but passions were still running very high. >> americans, stand up in defense of what is right. >> don't want any more blood to be shed. >> majority of people did not even know where this country was prior to november and december of last year. they must know it is not the soviet union anymore. >> reporter: and with me now here in little ukraine in
in ukraine any aggressors or those provoking the situation do not have the right to intervene in internal affairs. >> at this hour russian soldiers remain in control of ukraine's southern region of crimea. today the parliament i'm proved president putin's request to use force. the united nations had a special meet to go discuss this crisis. they are calling for u.n. to observe. president obama spoke to putin earlier toed urging him to withdraw his troops from ukraine. in the southern part that have country reu rus rush has ceased. crimea. >> reporter: the crimea prime minister asked hospital could you for help and he's getting. russia's decision authorize force in ukraine came as a surprise to much of the world. here in crimea at least, it's welcome news to many. jubilation in the crimean capital. the russians are coming. the as moscow endorsed the use of force, he would anything russians that are the majority here took to the streets. sporting the russian flag. >> translator: they are our protectors. there will be no military clashes she tells me. they are just here to guarantee our safe
in ukraine. president putin asked for it, he got it unanimously. he called the situation in ukraine extraordinary with russian lives under threat. not long after the vote in the biggest pro-russian city in ukraine, chaos. dozens were injured as police battled crowds who raised the russian flag on the regional government building. these protests repeated in other cities in ukraine, east where many areas are now slipping out of the control of these men. ukraine's new government, unelected, untested and in a crisis. we wouldn't give in to russian provocation, says the prime minister. exactly what he can do is not clear. he can't stop this. russia, they chant. on crimea's streets they are excited russian troops are here. they want to see more. >> to protect us. >> reporter: you say the russian troops are here to protect you? >> of course, we are russians. we are russians. >> reporter: all eyes are on the military airport where russian planes, up to a dozen, delivered troops and equipment overnight. crimea, now tense, waiting to see if more, many more russian troops join these men. and t
is the ukraine has been invaded and controlled by vladimir putin. >> i think, erin, it's going to be a situation where if the united states wants to stand out to the russian invasion of the crimea, then they are going to have to do something and there could be such a thing as embargo against russian oil and significant effects on europe that would have to be coordinated with nato. those are some of the things that we could do short of military force in a case like this. >> how bad could this get? when you were president of georgia, hundreds of people were killed, tarnnks came in, troops came in. is this just the beginning? >> i think it's just the beginning. some people are trying to argue that it's irresponsible behavior of georgia. what would you say this time? and actually, the reality is that it's reminiscent of what happens in the 21st century, very much like the land by then nazi germany and then of course this time exactly the way how european powers said for poland, united states, the united kingdom and also russia, together pledged to guarantee territory integrity in 1994 when ukraine g
around the world. the ongoing situation in the ukraine. here's the front page of the boston globe. russian baiting, ukraine says. it obama warns of consequences. of the a russian invasion of crimea fuels fear of ukrainian conflict . the front page of the chicago tribune. obama warns russia to stay out of ukraine. a bit from the front page of the washington post this morning. anding about the situation what is happening in the crimea. this happening to william booth and karen young reporting from the ukraine. governmentainian said that hundreds of soldiers and green camouflage without insignia had taken over to airports -- two airports in crimea. planes suspected of carrying 2000 troops landed at a military base near the regional capital. is some of the reports that are in today's papers. here is the latest from the telegraph this morning. crimean airspace partially closed amid reports russia is attempting to seize missile base. telegraph -- that is tweet from the telegraph. the u.s.ou think should do with regards to the ukraine? we will start on our phones with willi
the escalating situation in ukraine. we're going to have more details on that conversation in a few moments. the president also getting some major flak concerning the thin resumes of some of his picks for u.s. ambassadors. like this woman, who could be going from her job as a soap opera producer to ambassador to hungary. >>> and just weeks away from the white house's target of 7 million enrollees for president obama's signature health care plan, the senate majority leader says republicans are playing fast and loose with the facts. or is he? >> despite all that good news, there's plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are untrue, but they're being told all over america. here's a word you should keep in mind "unbiased". some brokerage firms are but way too many aren't. why? because selling thfunds makes them more money. which makes you wonder. isn't at a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds". yikes!! then go to e*trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for u. e*trade. less for us, m
secretary chuck hagel, cia director john brennan, talking about the situation in ukraine and discussing policy options. i should note, jim, that just outside the gates of the white house at this very moment there is a protest going on. some ukranians have gathered outside the north fence to talk about what they would like to see happen. they would like to see the u.s. get more involved. but as the hours go on, jim, i think we're going to get a clearer indication as to how this phone call went down between these two leaders. as you mentioned, they did speak a week ago friday. and you heard the president in the briefing room yesterday issuing that warning to vladimir putin that there would be costs if russia intervenes in ukraine. >> want to point out, jim, while those folks were meeting there in the white house for an emergency session in effect to discuss ukraine those pictures we just saw might explain that the president was on the phone with several world leaders including we now know president putin. also as you say, them drawing out their battle lines here. both in effect accusing t
to consider the situation in ukraine as seriously as it is and to under taketake the appropriate measures to assist us to stop the dangerous developments which are challenging the international peace and challenging doctor-term integrity. >> how would you characterize the russian military movements? with you characterize them as aggression? >> yes. because some of them identified themselves as russians. we know specifically some of the units units, for example, this 22nd special brigade of main intelligence department of armed forces of russian federation we know involved the special marine forces company. i gave you the name of this captain who led his group because of the decision of the crimean parliament and we identified the presence of the russian aircraft and helicopters. the people who invaded in the parliament and crimean parliament and council and who is congress the airports there to be identified. >> can you tell us the name of the naval officer and can you tell us where the aircraft are headed? are they going in crimea or other places and whether your
in heels and flats to its team logo to discuss with them the situation here in southern ukraine and while moscow answered saying that to the crimea and what's happening here is an internal political problem for ukraine and they're not planning to intervene into the situation we'll know more about the crisis and fun there especially how the russian speaking population feels about the new authorities in the capital. the trophy to the fiscal report right now on our website. the un security council will discuss the ukrainian christ itself to a request from the self appointed government in kiev that the united nations assess the threat to the country's territorial integrity. the chemical report on what's likely to happen at the un. we hear from the july spokes person that security council members will hold the quote a private meeting to discuss ukraine the un official did not elaborate or exactly is attending the meeting but the world. add the word planted in the case that we should not expect official statements from dq when on ukraine at this point earlier the new decision makers in kiev rel
health. one a day men's 50+. >>> we are not taking our eyes off of the situation in ukraine, and will continue our coverage, but rosa flores has more of the big stories we are watching at cnn. >> good ooevening to you, jim, d those of you at home. a deadly attack at a chinese railway station has killed 28 people and injured more than 100 others. police say that a group of people armed with knives stormed the station in southwest china and they say that five of the suspects are dead, and several o others were caught. police are calling it a premeditated terrorist attack. right now, there is no word of a motive. >>> in denver, a massive pileup on an ice-covered freeway. police say that 104 vehicles slammed into each other today on interstate 25. one person was killed. 20 others were injured. >>> a woman who was on the road at the time says that it was snowing, and the pavement was icy, and she says that the drivers were trying to slow down, but they just kept hitting each other. >>> and the envelope, please. movie fans are getting ready for tomorrow's oscars are keeping the fi
spoke out just two hours ago on the deteriorating situation in ukraine. news of russian troops on the ground spooked the markets and the rest of the west much we'll have a live report just ahead. >>> national outrage grows over new york city mayor de blasio's decision to pull the plug on high performing charter schools. millions of minority families see charter schools as the only way out of educational and economic poverty. >>> a new study seems to show sec staffers are selling stocks just before sec investigations of those companies are announced. either way, here's the big question. why are sec staffers allowed to trade individual stocks at all? all those stories much more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> welcome to "the kudlow report". i'm larry kudlow. we're live here at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. two in one crimea, the ukraine where 2,000 russian troops moved in and what new government in kiev is calling an arms invasion. nbc news steve handelsman joins us now with more. good evening, steve. >> reporter: good evening. headline is definitely those
's up and coming black film makers are packing up and heading overseas. >> the situation in ukraine's semiautonomous crimia region appears to be getting appears. the pro-russian leader has taken control of the police. and asked vladimir putin for help. unidentified soldiers are on the streets, guarding roads leading to the parliament building. al jazeera's hoda abdel-hamid is in the crimea capital. it's after seven in the morning there. new developments to report in that area around parliament. >> yes, certainly something that wasn't there yesterday as of midnight. today what you have is you have a row of men dressed in civilian, with orange and black insignia indicating that there's an allegiance to russia. behind them are men in military fatigue, carrying weapons. now, we have been asking who are the men. we haven't been getting a straight answer. they look like the same men that appeared in front of the airport yesterday. now, no one is allowed near the parliament building at this stage, even though we have been watching these men with the russian insignia telling civilians don't
-new government. nick schifrin, thank you for joining us tonight. for more now in the situation in ukraine and russia's involvement in the crisis i'm joined from washington, d.c. by william courtney, also special assistant to president clinton to russia, ukraine and u eu asia. he, strategy of campaigning, lessons from ronald reagan and boris ellio yeltsin. what is russia trying to do? good russia is testing the new government in kiev. i don't think russia wants to invade but it is dispatching troops in crimea, president yanukovych flew back to his home base in donetske. later on wound up in russia. russia is in a defensive posture in some respects but are pushing the kiev government just as it good in the jann government in 2008. >> you're from the russian ukraine. what do you think the russians are doing? >> i think it's important to remember the domestic political situation both in ukraine and crimea. ukraine is one of the weakest moments in history, the country is essentially bankrupt. the ex-president has dubious legitimatlegitimacy. there was a lot of reshuffling at the top of the com
of the security council to do something to help their homeland. >> russian hands off ukraine. >> ukrainian americans protesting outside the united nations in new york. they were angry at what they say is russia's war-like manoeuvrings in their backyard. [ chants ] >> they have family in ukraine right now. it's dangerous situation right now. it's pre-water citation, invasion of russian military forces. >> we'd like to bring attention, and it's really important in ukraine. russia is behaving aggressively. it's frightening, scary. >> ukraine's ambassador to the u.n. was on hand to meet with the protesters. >> they are doing a tremendous job. they are raising the protest around the world. >> we have more than 20 million people around. they will protest on the square's around the world, ask the governments to raise their voice and to protect ukraine. >> there weren't a lot of protesters outside the u.n. it was a freezing day in new york. this demonstration was put together at the last minute. passions were running high. >> americans, stand up in defense of what is right. >> across the street fr
for president obama to sp ukraine and the situation, as these reports have surfaced of russian troops landing in crimea. this as the ukrainian president, the former president now, yanukovych, spoke today from russia, as you were just discussing. saying he will still fight for ukraine. but the biggest development today, just within the past few hours, reports on the ground in crimea that some 2,000 russian troops have landed there. the pentagon confirming that some 12 aircraft have landed at the airport there. earlier, there were -- there were soldiers there that were not dressed in russian uniforms. they were in camo, but not in russian uniforms. they had secured the airport, and then 12 aircraft landed. estimated about 2,000 troops landing in crimea. now, the current administration, the authorities on the ground, as you mentioned, the election has been set. that they are saying that this is an invasion by russia. already, we've heard from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, saying and teaming up with the president of the united states in this statement. we've heard warnings from secre
a number of issues concerning ukraine and also a number of issues concerning the wider situation, a possibility that they're going to try to vote for asking vladimir putin to remove russian ambassador to washington. again, morgan, just a fast-moving story here, and some very powerful and interesting significant developments in the russian parliament. >> just back up for a minute and tell us why is crimea so important for russia, and russian military presence there is allowed. why is this such an important spot. >> reporter: it is considered a very important spot, not the at least they have their plaque sea fleet there. they have a lot of russian ethnic citizen there is, many of womawhom hold dual passports. and there are a number of reasons why ukraine is central to russia's interest. not the at least of the pipeline that supplies natural gas and runs through ukraine. losing crimea could be a crucial factor in the stability in ukraine. it's all wrapped up together. certainly moscow is very concerned about keeping ukraine within its sphere of influence. >> phil, thank you so much
scene. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> now the developing situation in the ukraine. a stern warning from president obama today to russia after armed men described as russian troops took control of at least two ukrainian airports. americans with loved ones in the ukraine are worried. robert lyles has the latest. >> as the president took to the airwaves, he had a simple message for russia -- back off. watching the warning was the leader of this ukrainian-american church, who says he sees much more unfolding on television airwaves because he sees the making of war. navy., it is obviously an invasion. andrewspastor of saint ukrainian church is paying for -- praying for peace. bus unloaded 10 heavily armed man outside of the parliament building, two airports ceased. stands withd states the international community saying there will be costs if there is military intervention in the ukraine. hastily put a together news conference by ousted president viktor yanukovych, who said he fled because his life was threatened and that russia should use all means at its disposal to stop the unrest in the u
, an update on the intense ukraine-russian situation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. harmful entertainment. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you saw the factor last night, you know that president obama has launched a huge initiative to help children at risk targeting young black men especially. called my brother's keeper. it's a good initiative as we discussed with the president's senior advisor valerie jarrett. if you missed the interview it is bill o' what is missing is the entertainment factor. these are effecting unsupervised children of all colors. makes billions putting out stuff like this. >> i fought so hard [bleep] >>> now, if you can't see that unsupervised children might be harmed by that kind of stuff, then you are not responsible person. period. in order to help children at risk, the american society has got to convince them to stop destructive behavior. like using drugs. committing violence, getting pregnant outside of
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vladimir putin and. -- vladimir putin. the situation in ukraine is very grave. senator bob corker of tennessee says -- we will continue to bring up -- we will continue to bring you updates on the c-span network. >> c-span, we bring public affairs events from washington directly to you, putting you in the room of congressional hearings, white house events, briefings and conferences, and offering complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house of all as a public service to private industry. there c-span, created by cable tv industry 30 years ago and funded by your local cable satellite provider. watches on tv, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter. new website makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on washington dc and share your finds via facebook, twitter, and other social networks. easy search functions allow you to ask us our daily coverage of events. new tools make it simple to create short video clips and share them with your friends come up yet facebook, twitter, and other social networks. you can send links to your video clips fayette e-mail -- to your
've got a host of new developments regarding that tense situation in ukraine. the white house has been monitoring what it says are russian troop movements into parts of southern ukraine. late today president obama hit the white house briefing room delivering a message to russia. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> ukraine's ambassador to the united nations says the russian military helicopters and transport planes are entering his country and has seized the main airport. ukraine's act the president is telling the russian president vladimir putin to put a stop to it, but russia says any military move taking place is in keeping with an earlier graham between moscow and the ukraine -- agreement between moscow and the ukraine. >>> did healthcare heck ever appear on the -- did hillary clinton ever appear on a sitcom? no, she didn't, but that was one consideration. that is one thing you'll find as the national archives releases documents from the bill clinton presidency. other docu
a child in danger? >>> good evening and we do begin with fast moving developments. the volatile situation in ukraine tonight. will president putin move in with military might despite those warnings from the white house. we have learned of a phone call between president putin add obama. right there in the oval office. you can see right there, that call coming hours after president obama warned there could be a cost, in fact, would be one if russia makes any military movement we have two reports tonight. first abc's alex marquardt in ukraine where many are asking about the men in uniform gathering already. >> reporter: good evening. the russian military has been seen moving around here as mysterious unidentified pro russia militia groups continuing seizing government buildsings and airports. tonight the unrest is spreading. in one city today, pro-russia democrat administrators beat supporters of the new ukrainian government forcing then to kneel. children, too. their faces bloodied. across this part of eastern ukraine. flags on government buildings torn down and replaced with russia's. from
president obama today on the situation in ukraine unless there's some major new development. in his remarks yesterday, though, the president warned that any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be, quote, deeply destabilizing. >> it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world and, indeed, the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> the president said vice president biden spoke yesterday with the ukrainian prime minister assuring him that the u.s. stands for the, quote, democratic future of ukraine. members of congress also are weighing in in on the situation. house intelligence committee chairman republican mike rogers put out a statement saying, quote, it appears the russian military now controls the crimean peninsula. this aggression is a threat not only to ukraine but to regional peace and stability. and republican house speaker john boehner also put out a statement saying the obama administration and the european union should maximize economic
you. that's the situation in crimea. what is ukraine going to do about it? earlier its ambassador t who sad the countries are close to war. >> yesterday we tried to stop this dangerous development in security council here in united nations. and what happened today in russian parliament, it's aggression. it's aggression. and this aggression should be stopped. president putin has not signed the decision on the parliament. we have some minutes, hours, almost days to address putin himself, to think, to avoid a huge military move in the region. airplanes violating borders, and trying to restrain the legalistic nation to what it was. but we have all the evidence to call even yesterday that it was intervention and aggression. what i understand we should do, and what the colleague from russian federation refuse in front of the press, we are to address to the rest of the guarantees of our security under the budapest memorandum, mainly the united states, united kingdom, france and china who guaranteed our security, and if any actions would threaten our territory and integrate and civility, we
crimea's main airport and other government buildings. ukraine's new interior minister calls the situation an invasion. and tonight, there are warnings coming from the white house. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizes, which is not in the interests of ukraine, russia or europe. >> a little background here. there's been a popular revolution in ukraine but the ousted president insists he is still the legitimate leader. a controversy. he is asking russia to bring order to the chaos. there will be much more on the story tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30. >>> a war brewing in wine country but a bay area businessman decided to fight city hall. the creative way he is skirting a new law. >> dramatic river rescues as the storm pummels southern california. the rush to help people and pets trapped in fast-moving waters. >> stood there and watched them put him in a body bag and zipped it up. >> but then the body bag started kicking. the crazy story of how one man came back from the "dead." among the charges: stealing ney. >>> six offi
, a live report from the region. also ambassador john bolton without any doubt this situation in ukraine is unstable and perilous. what should the u.s. do or not do? that's minutes away. but right now. senate majority leader harry reid, it is time for him to step aside as senate majority leader after he called many frightened and hurt americans liars. >> there is plenty of more roar stories being told all of them are are untrue. >> it's astonishing behavior. he insulted thousands of americans. >> harry reid it's all lies. nobody is having a problem. nobody is being cancelled. harry reid actually said that it's all lies. >> this is not the case we are seeing in our practices and with stories patients are telling us. >> he goes to the floor and says people who are hurt, that it's all made up. >> all of them are untrue. >> it's not true. it's me and fox news making all that up. >> it is outrageous and insult and he should apologize. >> certainly doesn't lend credit to the senate, particularly for the majority leader. >> there are massive amounts, massive numbers of victims of obamacare. you
to his russian counterpart today about the situation in ukraine. pension officials said there are no military contingency plans for ukraine. we don't expect to hear from the president again today, although we possibly could get an offcamera update from the white house if there are new developments. in president obama's remarks yesterday he warned russia any violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing. >> represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by ukrainian people. it would be a career violation of russia's commitment to respect the sovereignty and borders of ukraine. >> the president said united states will stand with the internationiale community in affirming there will be, quote, costs for any military intervention in ukraine by russia. some republicans are questioning what that means. what it means to russian president vladimir putin, especially since russia appears to be sending military assets and troops into the crimea peninsula of ukraine. putin doesn't think much of what president obama says. >> i'
. we begin with the urgent situation overseas in ukraine, there are reports that russian president vladimir putin is moving his troops into that country, and putting the united states and the whole world on a kind of hair-trigger. late today, president obama personally warned, if putin is, there will be costs. abc chief foreign correspondent terry moran reporting now from russia, on the crisis in ukraine as tensions are rising at this hour. >> reporter: vladimir putin made his move in ukraine. at dawn, bands of armed men appeared at the two main airports at crimea and seized control. they wore uniforms with no insignias or identification. their trucks had no license plates. and they spoke russian, not ukrainian. that was the start. tonight, russian troops, hundreds, perhaps as many 2,000 ferried in transport planes have landed at the airports. convoys were seen along the roads. president obama spoke at the white house soon after the russian incursion. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by russian inside of ukraine. there will be costs for any mili
>>> an extremely tense situation escalating tonight in ukraine and a warning today from president obama. take a look at this video the we've just gotten into. crimean television says there are russian helicopters entering ukraine. this is from earlier today. but we just got this video. they say those are russian helicopters. the growing concern tonight, russians getting close to crossing a dangerous line, sending troops to the crimean region. armed men outside two airports and surrounding the major state broadcaster. a complicated situation on the ground, one that's far from clear at this point. we want to make sure everybody knows that it is far from clear but it's the assessment of the u.s. government and their belief the russian military forces. we don't know at this hour what their operational orders are. we do have this statement just in from the house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers "it appears that the russian military now controls the crimean peninsula. it's aggression is a threat to ukraine and the region's peace and stability. russia's latest action is yet an
, the situation in the ukraine escalated dramatically. we're going to get reaction just minutes for you. >>> but first, what happens when the world's ninth-largest economy meets with a catastrophic drought? it's a west coast story you're going to want to hear. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. >>> welcome back, everyone, to "weekends with alex witt." passengers and crew safe on the ground today after a mid air scare. an american airlines flight hit a flock of birds on takeoff from dallas-ft. worth last night. that plane made an emergency landing with a damaged engine, though none of the 123 passengers aboard was injured. >>> more anti-government protests are planned in venezuela after a deadly demonstration. on friday, crowds unleashed rocks and molotov co
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